Friday, March 16, 2007

Lethal Justice

Well, despite my likes and dislikes growing up I have grown up to become a reader. I now always have to have a book on my bedside table to read. It takes me a little while to get thru one because I can only read right before going to bed and I am a slow reader but reading has in the last few years become my wind down time. My me time.

Anyway, I am a HUGE Nicholas Sparks fan! He is my favorite. I thank my family for getting me interested in him. If you have never read any of his books I recommend you do so... Any of them... They are all wonderful. I have read all of his books and am anxiously awaiting another one. While I am waiting for his I have to find others to read.

I have discovered (thanks Aunt Wendy) another author that I like. She is NO Nicholas Sparks but she will do. Her name is Fern Michaels. She writes some scary stuff (I don't read those) but some love stories too. I thought I would tell you about the last book I read which was Lethal Justice by Fern Michaels. Now, please keep in mind that she does not write Christian based books. Anyway, I had some Fern Michaels books I wanted for Christmas and Chris knew about them but he could not find them so he bought me the only one he could find. Lethal Justice. I was very nervous about reading it. I am not a scary book or movie person. I like nice endings and good love stories. Well, this ended up being a pretty neat book. It is about a very rich woman who's family was murdered and the court system failed her and the murder did not get the correct punishment. SO, she decided to take revenge into her own hands so that she could move on with her life. It worked so now she uses her money to help other women get revenge on those that have gotten away with doing wrong. It is odd because you start to feel torn. The women are actually doing the exact same thing that they are mad at others for doing but for some reason you are still rooting for them. Anyway, if you are interested in a different kind of book that is not scary, keeps your attention, and has an odd story line this is for you...
Lethal Justice by Fern Michaels.

Others that I have read by her that are good are The Nosy Neighbor and Beyond Tomorrow.

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i need to borrow that book!