Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I never once thought that anyone didn't believe me when I said that Hannah had two teeth or that she is pulling up and standing up on her own (not sure if I have told everyone that one) but I was so excited to get pictures of this yesterday. I know the one of her in her chair is a weird angle but she is starting to become stingy with her smiles and so she thinks the camera is cool to look at but does not get that I am actually behind it and that I want her to smile at me.

Anyway, in the first one you should be able to see both of her teeth. And in the second one you can see that she is becoming spider woman and scaling walls. Yes, she pulled up by putting her hands on the wall and walking herself up with her hands. I think my dad would be so upset about the prints on the walls!! It was fun to watch, though.

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Sara Jo said...

I hope that the child proofing is coming along well! You are going to need it really soon!! :)