Saturday, March 17, 2007

Missing the School Days

Does everyone remember the days when you would be sick or not feel so good and you would get to stay home from school and just lay around? Man, I do miss that. And it was never that big of a deal to catch up at school from just one or two days. It really wasn't that stressful. I have come to realize having a job, a husband, and a child means no more sick days of just laying around.

Remember, on those days, mom would bring you almost anything you wanted to eat because she just wanted you to eat.. something.. anything. She would take your temperature and hug you and give you medicine and tell you to just stay put and she hoped you felt better. She would always check on you regularly to see how you were. You could sleep as much as you wanted and forget that anything else was going on in the world.

Some Days I miss Those Days.
Every Day I miss My Mom. (for more reasons than just this)

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JoniDH said...

I miss you too! Don't want you to be sick but I miss those days, too. The "mommy" job carries a lot of responsibility, doesn't it? But the rewards are the greatest!