Thursday, March 8, 2007

Hair Bows and Hair Barretts

I am thankful for Hair Bows and Hair Barretts now more than ever. My daughter never looks like a boy to me or Chris. But, then again, she is OURS so we are a little bias. I don't know why mothers (me) get so sensitive about their daughters being called boys. Anyway, bows and barretts are one way to avoid this. I was so sad when Hannah didn't have enough hair for them but now she is already use to having to be still for me to put them in. It is SO fun. Whether he wants to admit it or not, Chris likes for his little girl to have a bow or barrett in too.

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Libby said...

Does Hannah need more bows? I have tons that you can have. Chloe has more than she can ever wear, plus she pulls them out most of the time.