Saturday, March 31, 2007

Kite Day

Today was a really fun Kite Day. We were all so excited that Maw Maw and Poppa Bob were able to be there with us.

Hannah had a great first Kite Day. She was technically at the one last year but she was in my belly so she doesn't remember.

Chris and our friend Brady tried to fly Chris' new kite that Hannah and I got him on Thursday but it did not do very well. I am not sure Hannah and I are the best ones to ask about picking out the right kite. We go by what color is prettiest and what shape looks fun, not what material and shape flies the best. Note to self for next year.....

Hannah saw the Easter Bunny but did not want to look at the camera. She just wanted to look at the him. She rubbed his fur and held his hand and looked at his eyes and nose and mouth but would not look up for a picture. The Easter Bunny was much too interesting.

Hannah had a great time hunting for eggs. Chris made sure she got the eggs that had the "good" candy in them. Yummmmy for Daddy.

What a Fun Day. I am very thankful for Fun Days. They are great!


Libby said...

Well, at least Hannah would go near the Easter bunny, unlike Chloe!! I love the picture of her looking up at him.

JoniDH said...

Looks like Hannah and everyone had a great time! I'm glad she let the Easter Bunny hold her but she's smart enough to check it out! Tell Hannah some bunny in NC loves her!