Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Big Big News

Nicholas Sparks has a new book coming out this year!!

I thought he wouldn't becuase his new movie is coming out this summer but it is true!!

The Lucky One will be released on September 30, 2008!!
Guess what I will be reading on my maternity leave??
You can preorder it on for $16.49!

Yippeeeee!!! I am SO excited!!!


Wendy said...

what? movie? when? i didn't know anything about a movie....
someone fill me in please.....

aunt wendy

Grandmom said...

Yes, remind me again of the movie. I have forgotten which book it is taken from.
Glad he has been busy and written another book for us!

Mindy said...

"The US release date for the feature film version of Nights in Rodanthe is June 6, 2008." This is what the Nicholas Sparks website says but I think I read somewhere else it was coming out in late May and his website does not say anything about his new book..... SO, sometime this summer Nights in Rodanthe will be coming out in the theatres!! Yippeee!