Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Book

Chris says I am a little crazy because I got thru Hokus Pokus so fast. It is fast for me and him because we read slow or sometimes not at all but for others I know it wasn't fast.

Anyway, Fern Michaels got her imagination going again and it was great. Remember if you read these to be prepared for a little bit of language but I think when you have "good" guys and "bad" guys most people expect that. At the end it was definitely left open for another one in the series however it did not give a name or date of when another will be out. I will need to keep my ears and eyes open for it.

In a couple of days (after I get over thinking about this one) I will start Love's Healing Touch by Jane Myers Perrine. I am going light this time with one of the Love Inspired books. If you want something clean, feel good, and light, really, go for a Love Inspired book.

As always, I will let you know how it goes.

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Carrie Mc said...


I'm a close friend of Elizabeth Stokes and love seeing your blog, especially your precious little Hannah. Anyway, I was just wondering since you read so much if you have been to the paperback swap website ( I joined a couple of years ago and it is a cheap way of getting books to read. You just trade. Each time you send someone a book you get a point. For each point you have you can request a book from someone else so you have to pay postage to send a book, but you get it back when you request one. The more books you trade the more you can request and then you don't have to buy them. I started doing this because books can get expensive and I'm so bad about returning books to the library on time. Just wanted to let you know.