Saturday, April 5, 2008

Call me Naive - It's OK!

I know that we can not investigate every one and every company thoroughly and be sure what we are putting our money into and exactly everything that we are supporting when we watch a television program or buy a product. Really, I get that.

I always knew that Oprah had some odd spiritual views. When I watched her show, it was honestly, not normally a show about her or anything too serious. I watch the shows with Denzel Washington (who wouldn't?), the shows with Miley Cyrus, the give away shows to see all the stuff I wish I could have for free... you know those types. Also, no matter what you think of her spiritually or politically (dad!) I am not sure anyone could deny she does good things for people. Right now, I think, she has a reality show out there to see just how much someone can do for others. She has done good things for people - I am not denying it.

Well, I saw this on someone's blog and I have to admit the first two emotions I felt were fear and sadness. I am fearful because she is a powerful person in this world and she could really steer some people who look up to her in the wrong direction. I am sad because it is obvious from her past, some comments I have heard her say, and the good she does that Oprah could be such a powerful and wonderful person in God's army.

I wanted everyone to watch this (I know it is 6 minutes long!) and be careful what you do to support her. I also think we should pray about this. Regularly.


Over here, it's me said...

Don't like her, never have, never will. Opera Windbag, as I call her is liberal to the core, just as rotten and evil as the Clintons and Obama. Toss in Al Gore and Maya Angelou also (yeah, I know she lives here in Winston-Salem). Oh, and Al Franken, Michael Moore, John "Pretty Boy" Edwards...should I keep going? You get my point, there is simply no room in this country for backward thinking evil liberals.
And I don't think John McCain is the solution either. We are simply doomed for at least four years.

Rant over.

Papa Joe

4mcknatt's said...

I too was upset when I heard this. I don't think I can watch her show anymore without feeling like I am supporting her. It is so sad the way our world is spiraling downward so fast.

Mindy said...

I agree with you Haley. I am not sure I can watch her show anymore, no matter what it is about.

Wendy said...

Until a co-worker sent me this info on Oprah last week, I was looking forward to my sugery recovery and finally being home to watch Oprah. However, after this, I don't think I can support her by even watching her afternoon talk show. It is very sad because she is an influential person.
Thanks for including it on your blog, Mindy.

love you,
Aunt Wendy