Tuesday, April 1, 2008

There'll Be Days Like This

This is how Hannah looked when we picked her up from Day Care today.
  • Her cute pigtails came out and apparently couldn't be put back in.
  • She has learned to take her shoes off and apparently does so all day long.
  • She had an accident down her leg and apparently Mommy and Daddy forgot to take her extra pants to school. AND apparently the Day Care does not seem to have any extra in her size.
  • Then they tell us she forgot to bring her "Listening Ears" today. Apparently they were not there at all today, not even for a little while.



JoniDH said...

Hannah, I have days like this, too. Hope today is better : )

Over here, it's me said...

That hair style is very Nashville. She is just trying to fit in.



Wendy Worley said...

Becca still has those days, along with me!

JoniDH said...


You seem TOTALLY unconcerned about big hair, no listening ears, no shoes, and no pants. Sweetheart, I'm WITH YOU ON THIS ONE!!!!!



Grandmom said...

Everyone has their "off days" and I'm sure yesterday was yours. Now all of that is over surprise them and be exceptionally good!
I love you,

Julie S said...

When your as cute as Hannah, who needs listening ears!

4mcknatt's said...

That sounds like another little girl I know. Better luck tomorrow!!

bettyd said...

Even having such a day, Hannah you are still beautiful. Just part of growing up. We love you!