Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Joys

Oh the joys of having a little person in the house.

We have a sectional couch. Chris accidentally dropped some shorts behind the corner of it when he was folding clothes. He asked Hannah if she would crawl back there and get them and she did! That saved us a lot of acrobatic work! Oh the Joys of having a little person in the house.

I come into the bonus room to see Hannah nice and comfortable under the recliner. I made sure Chris knew she was there so he would not put the recliner down and he said there was no way he could not know she was there. He could feel her feet kicking him on his tushi! Oh the Joys of having a little person in the house.
(Yes, you who are worrying, I did tell her that was dangerous and made her get up after I took the picture.)
(Yes, you who are looking at this picture closely, she is chewing on her nails. She does that when they are too long and Mommy needs to cut them - I have no idea where she gets that from and we do make her stop when we see her do that!)


JoniDH said...

Very sweet pictures - and this is just the tip of the iceberg of the joys of Hannah!!!

Wendy Worley said...

How funny! Her crawling behind the sofa. She is so cute sitting under his feet. Becca would do that, even though we explained the safety issues to her. Sometimes the moments are soo funny you have to laugh, even if it's wrong. Enjoy these moments!

Wendy said...

I love seeing Daddy and Hannah time. Were they watching a ballgame? When Mollie was little we went to a friends house and she hid some jewelry behing the couch and then took it home with her. UGH!!! Kind of like a puppy hiding a milkbone for later? We had to return the braclett to my friend by the way. It was diamonds!!!
Aunt Wendy and Mollie (aka clepto)

Christopher said...

I wonder where she gets it from AW??

Wendy said...

i had a feeling someone would pick up on the hereditary clepto thing.
i have no idea where mollie got it from....cough cough

aunt wendy

Mindy said...

Please note:
In the first picture Hannah is getting the silver shorts.
In the second picture Daddy is wearing the silver shorts.
He must have really needed them!!

J-4 said...

Migindigy. It is wonderful to see you and your family doing so well. I am new to this blogging stuff, so I am moving along pretty slowly right now, but don't worry, I have a million pictures to post. Take care and God bless.