Sunday, April 6, 2008

Our Sunday Pictures

A wonderful lady at church handed down this dress to Hannah. Her daughter is older and she is finished having children. It is an absolutely beautiful dress but it is 100% silk. Yes, that is right - 100%!! Well, I told Chris that Hannah had to wear this dress sometime but she would not be allowed to eat in it.

Problem is.. we always eat out after worship on Sunday morning. It is in our budget. Ask Chris, Mommy is not as happy the rest of the week if she has to worry about cooking on Sunday afternoons!!

Today Chris played in a golf tournament so in order for us to ride to the church building together this morning we had to pick up lunch and eat it here at home. That made TODAY the perfect day for this dress. Both Chris and I thought it was SO precious on Hannah. We keep thanking the lady at church over and over for handing it down to us. When she saw Hannah in it today she said it brought back so many memories!!

Now, how am I going to clean this one?? NO food got on it - there was NO opportunity for that - I made sure of it.


Sara Jo said...

I love that second b&w shot. It is so sweet!! What a beautiful dress!

JoniDH said...

What a princess! Hannah looks like she felt pretty in the dress, too. Where's Daddy's picture? Love you all so much!

bettyd said...

What a beautiful dress on a beautiful girl! Love the black and whites also. She looks like she should be in a wedding.

Mindy said...

The Daddy/Hannah pictures were blurry... I was sad! :(

Wendy said...

She is sooooo cute!!! Love the dress and pictures.

Aunt Wendy and Mollie

Julie said...

My goodness, she is so precious! I love that little hand leaning on the column and you can see her little hand dimples. And you are glowing Mindy! Love, Julie C.