Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thankful Thursday

We are thankful for our friends.
Hannah's friend Reese came over tonight while her Mommy and Daddy went on a well deserved date. Here are some fun pictures of the girls!

Hannah gets all of the balls out for them to play with - First Thing

I was a party pooper with the blocks.
I didn't want to clean them up so I wouldn't open the box.
I tried to make it better by taking a picture of them sitting on it...
Not sure they thought it was the same.

Thanks to the suggestion of my sister-in-law I went to the Target One Spot and got some hats for a dress up bin for the play room. They loved them.

They were both very very serious about feeding their babies.

I had them alone since Chris was playing softball so I was a little worried about how I was going to separate them and get them to sleep. I decided to start winding them down with a video. This is them at first - Very Excited.

This is them about 15 minutes into it with their Blankets in hand.
They got sleepy quick.
Lucky for me - that made things much easier.

We love having you, Reese.
You and your Mommy and Daddy are always welcome.


Libby said...

Those are cute pictures!! I love the ones of them watching the movie and getting sleepy! It looks like they had a fun night.

bettyd said...

What fun! Looks like it was a busy night with playing ball, feeding babies, playing dress-up, and then winding down with a video...and no blocks to pick up.

Wendy said...

Did someone say dress up bin? Aunt Wendy and Mollie LOVE playing dress up. We're coming over soon!!!

love you
aunt wendy and mollie

Melissa said...

Next time we make it out to TN, Landon is going to love not only playing in the new play room but being able to wear a pink hat! Glad you were able to find some of my dollar finds for Hannah and her friends!