Friday, April 4, 2008


A couple of thoughts:

First, aren't the weird dreams suppose to come later. I never had a lot of them with Hannah and when I did they were in my last month of pregnancy. Just within the last week or so I dreamed I was ironing!! CRAZY WEIRD!!! I don't iron!!

Second, am I completely exhausted because the rain won't stop or because I am pregnant? I can't decide. It may be a little of both. Chris and I ride together to and from work and we have about a 30-45 minute drive. I regularly sleep on our way to work. Today I completely went REALLY to sleep on our way home. I wasn't just dozing. I was asleep!! And I think, if we didn't stop at the day care and that woke me up, I may could have slept thru the night. Wild!

Third, how often do you use a stroller with a 2 year old. Do you think investing in a double stroller of some kind would be a smart thing?

Fourth, our next doctor's appointment is Monday. I am so excited to hear that heartbeat again! And then the appointment after that (in May) we will find out if it is a boy or a girl. Everything is happening so fast.

Fifth, is it OK that right now I can not picture our family with another one? That isn't mean is it? I mean, I already love this baby very much, but at this point, I can't really picture our lives with another one. Does this mean I may not have a motherly instinct or at least not a very strong one?

Whewww! I think that is all that is on my mind right now with that. Had to get it out.


Ashley said...

I say look into a tandem stroller Check it out here...

I love mine. It "transforms" to where you take the tray off of the front seat and it can hold a carrier too.

You are supposed to be tired... you are doing the equivelent to mountain climbing! SERIOUSLY!

The whole new baby can't imagine thing... I never could imagine either... then within seconds of birth, I could not imagine life without them.

I have CRAZY dreams too... too crazy to share here, but CRAZY!

JoniDH said...

IRONING?!?!?!?!? I am horrified that a child of mine is dreaming of IRONING - - - you may need to seek professional help!
All the rest of it is NORMAL.....but I'd really check into the ironing thing........

I love you (all four)

Libby said...

Everything sounds completely normal to me. Or at least as normal as it gets when you're pregnant! I had a double stroller with the boys,and it was great. They aren't fun to steer, but two year olds don't walk very long when you're out somewhere. I had the kind where one is in front of the other one, not side by side. Anyway, I think it gives you a sense of freedom to know you can get out with them by yourself and have them both strapped in.
I tried my hardest to imagine a little girl in our lives after two boys, but it didn't happen until she got here. That has nothing to do with your motherly instincts!
Okay, sorry for the book.

Melissa said...

There is a stroller out there that the younger child can sit in or the carrier can go on the front and then the older child can either sit or stand on the back where you are pushing in case you don't reall want a double stroller...

Try this link and you can see a few from toys r us.

As for the dreams...I heard that pregnant women can have them throughout the pregnancy.

It is always hard to see yourself different than you already are, I am sure when the little one is brought intothis world your will love them just as much as you love Chris and Hannah now.

Hope that helps you feel a litle better about your "worries". Remember, they say pregnant women think and act different because of all the hormonal changes.

Sara Jo said...

Weird dreams - totally normal

It is so much more exhausting the second time because you can't just go to bed when you want to because there is an older child to think about. It isn't all about you this time. :(

Get the double stroller. I like the tandem instead of the side by side because it is easier to maneuver between racks in a store.

You probably won't picture the "Doughtie family of four" until the fourth one is born. That is okay!!! I can remember looking at my mom while I was in the hospital after Savannah's birth and saying "I really have two kids now. Is that weird?" She said to me "You really have two kids now. Get used to it!"