Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Post With Rules

Anyone who does not like NCState, especially those who like UNC (Dad and Brian!) please do not make any comments regarding this debate on the best team. Please notice the beautiful girl you see here in these pictures!!

We were so excited that Hannah was able to wear her NCState outfit yesterday. It is a 2T and we have had it for quite some time. I think she looks so cute in Red. Daddy, in fact, even did Hannah's hair. However, she insisted on wearing her "pink" shoes with it. We got out all her shoes and she kept saying no and refusing to put them on. Finally we found the "pink" shoes Hannah was speaking of and we decided it was alright for her to wear them.

Yes, the picture shows her wearing her "pink" shoes.
(We did correct her and we are working on colors - promise!)


Over here, it's me said...

Actually my favorite color is red, and I am proud to be from North Carolina. I am just very careful to make certain that I do not combine my "NC" and "RED" selections into one ensemble. I will do my best to assist Hannah in this wardrobe faux pas.

However she looks beautiful in red, even in green (my least favorite color) she is gorgeous in anything.

Papa Joe

JoniDH said...

Nannah LOVES red and Nannah loves Hannah in any color - Learning those colors will help with those frustrating communications, though!

Andrew said...

B E A U tiful dress!!!

Wendy said...

Love the "pink" shoes..

aunt wendy and mollie