Monday, April 14, 2008

A Hannah Funny

Sitting right beside Hannah in the back seat of the car, as we were driving home from picking her up at school, was her lunch box.

I pointed to it and asked "Hannah, what is that?" (of course I knew what it was but I wanted to hear her say it because I love the way she says it)

Hannah looked at me and answered "Hannah's!"

I again said "Hannah, WHAT is that?"

She again said "Hannah's!" (this is giving you a little bit of an idea of the attitude we are starting to develop!)

I said "Hannah's what?"

She finally gave me the satisfaction and said "Hannah's Lunch Babox."


JoniDH said...

Mom! Does she have to tell you everything when it is SO obvious??

bettyd said...

Hannah's! Mine! Oh, the fun begins! It's ok if box has two syllables. What a sweet mouth putting so many words together!