Friday, May 1, 2009

H and R

This is what Chris and I call them when we are texting each other thruout the day. Hannah and Reese. You see, Chris may work outside of the home and I may work inside of the home but Chris knows what is going on around here all day. He knows who eats and who doesn't. He knows who sleeps and for how long. He knows where we go, how long we are there, and when we are home. He knows it all.

ANYWAY, back to the beautiful girls. We were so excited to be the "back-up" for Reese's regular sitter who was on vacation this week. Reese and Hannah have an interesting relationship and as a mom it is so cool to watch. I have a bad feeling we are going to have "trouble" out of these two as they get older. The cool thing is that Reese has wonderful parents who we can work together with during all their "trouble." AND the other cool thing is that they are about to have another little girl to be Justus' girlfriend.

OK, really, back to what I was saying about these two little sweeties. I learned 3 very important lessons this week from having them here in my home together all day every day this week.
  1. I have no idea how my grandparents (in particular, my Grandpop) were able to handle 4 girls in one house -- you know the math, one house, four girls -- that means sharing!??
  2. I have a new found respect for those with twins, in particular twin girls.
  3. I am not sure I am going to do well with the whole sibling love-you-hate-you thing. (you know I am an only child - right?)
But they sure are sweet. On this day I called them my "purple-girl" and my "pink-girl."


Carrie Mc said...

If these two are like Elizabeth and I were then you will end up with a clean house. Everytime, Libby and I got in a fight we would start cleaning up our mess to avoid talking to each other until one of us decided to apologize. I think our mom's were thankful for the occasional spat. These two look so precious, it is hard to imagine they would ever be any "trouble". :)

Julie said...

Oh my goodness, they are so adorable!

JoniDH said...

H & R
What a Pair!

A sweet, sweet pair! It's good to have BFFs!

Grandmom said...

They are sooo precious! Hope they get to be lifelong friends.

Betty said...

How cute - such good friends - adorable!

Wendy said...

Hannah!! You know AW always is on the fashion front. I absolutely LOVE the outfit you have going on here!!! Very hip!!!
love you
Aunt Wendy