Monday, May 4, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Well, a new 3 week period has started and, let me just tell you... I may have already blown it. Chris told me we had been doing so good that I didn't have to try to be quite so strict about it, since I really wanted to try some new recipes with some different types of meat. (I could/would eat chicken about every night of the week, myself!)

Did you know salmon was really expensive? Hummmm.... Found that out!

SO, I spent $33.43 at Aldi and $114.32 at Kroger for a total of $147.75. Whoa!!! That means the next two weeks I only have $22.25. I will try but I must say, I am not very optimistic. We will see. The good news is that I think we have a pretty good menu lined up for the next 3 weeks!

Here is the menu for this week:

Monday: Bow Tie Pasta Chicken with Broccoli, Corn
Tuesday: BBQ Meatloaf, Potatoes
Wednesday: Pizza Boats, Chips
Thursday: Rigatoni Chicken Round Up, Green Beans
Friday: Parmesan Baked Salmon, Lima Beans
Saturday:Ham Delights, Cream Cheese Corn
Sunday: Leftovers

To see other's menu plans check out Org Junkie! (There are lots of ideas there!)

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