Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mother's Day Week - Mrs Carol

Mrs Carol is my teacher.

There is a class we have at the church building for Moms and Babies up to 12 months old. The "Babes in Arms" class. It is in a room that has toys and only gliders to sit in. There is a big sign on the door to knock if you want to come in so that the moms can nurse if they want to.

On Sunday mornings Mrs Carol teaches us from the book Growing Kids God's Way. It takes about 5 months to get thru the whole thing so by the time you start thinking about moving on to another class and getting your child into the 12-24 month old class you will have gone thru the whole thing at least twice.

Now the book is really great. It can changes your life (even if your children are not at small anymore.) AND it changes the way you think of raising your children in the Lord. However, I have to say, I strongly believe that it would not have impacted me so much, if Mrs Carol were not teaching it. She believes in it. She is strong in her faith in the Bible and what it says. She is honest. She is loving. She is strong. She helps me to see the Bible scriptures in such a way that I know they apply to me, now, in the 21st century!

She is a wonderful example of a wife, mother, grandmother, and teacher. My family has been so blessed to have been taught by her.

The scripture that will always remind me of Mrs Carol is Galatians 5:22-23 - The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

Just recently she has asked me this question. If we know, by what the scriptures tell us, that we receive the Spirit when we are baptized, then why are we not, as baptized Christians, constantly living in such a way that shows the Spirit's fruit?

There is no good reason. We should always be "showing off" our fruit from the Spirit!

Thank You Mrs Carol for all you have done.
Happy Mother's Day!

((technical difficulties have made it so that I have no pictures of her to post, hopefully they will come soon))

WHEW! Having a promised post every day has been a little tiring but it has been so much fun going down memory lane and really exploring how people have touched my life as a mother. As I said before - I can not do a post on all the mothers that have touched me --- like AW, Aunt Diane, Aunt Teresa, Christy, Kathy, Melissa, Mrs George, Tracey, Patrice, Dorea, Kathrin, Mrs Pritchett, Mrs Barbara, Mrs Steele, Mrs Linda, Becca, Rebecca, Shana, Laura M, Julie C, Vicki, Jeanna, Haley, LeeAnn, Kelli, Wendy, Julie S, SueAnn, Kendra, Carol C, Traci, and my list could go on and on...... and I am too tired.... to actually type any more names ..... You all know who you are!

Dear Lord,
Thank You for allowing me the blessing of knowing so many wonderful loving mothers. Lord, please be with these women. Please help us all to always seek Your Way in everything we do. Help us all to gain the understanding of knowing how to pass the knowledge of you on to our children, grandchildren and anyone who will listen!! I love you Lord. Thank You! Through Your Son - - Amen.

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