Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

SO, have I ever mentioned that Chris and I are very bad at holidays? We are.

Hannah heard about the Easter Bunny first a few days before kite day from someone else asking her about it. We just had not even mentioned a special day was coming up.

We totally didn't mention presents until someone (a stranger) asked her what Santa was bringing her, while we were out of town last year for Thanksgiving. She just looked at me, like "what is this lady talking about? who is Santa? what am I suppose to be asking for? what does she mean have I been good? why of course, I am good!!" Seriously, she was clueless. We just kinda forget about that stuff and just go on our routine day in and day out and day in and day out and day in... oh, you get the picture.

When I said something to Chris about it, he said he thought it was his fault. I immediately dismissed his comments. However, the more I think about it ........ he he he he ..... (Chris, are you wondering where I am going with this - am I about to blame you?) ....... I think we both just don't get interested in the "special-day" stuff. Go on, call us weird. That is totally fine with me.

All this to say (you know I am not long winded or anything) that yesterday, Chris nor I called one special mother in our lives to tell her Happy Mother's Day. Really. Not one. In our defense, we did send cards and we did talk to both of our moms on Saturday and did think about it yesterday and tried to find a time Hannah could talk but with worship, nap, children's Bible hour preparation, worship, meal at church building, taking left overs to a family with a new baby, and bed time there was really no time for Hannah to talk on the phone.

Defense Rests.
I know the verdict.
Seriously Guilty.

SO, here is the resolution. I am going to make this official Mother's Day week on my blog (you can declare the same on yours too if you want) and each day I am going to tell you about a mother that, in my life, has touched me and why. With this declaration, you must remember a few things...
  1. I am not a great writer of feelings so be prepared for possible cheesiness.
  2. The cheesiness WILL be full of sincerity.
  3. They will be in no particular order.
  4. I only have 6 days left in the week, so I will not be able to cover everyone. These will not be the only 6 special mothers in my life, just 6 of the many.


dgayle said...

I think it is great that the two have you have NOT much so much emphasis on the "holidays" such as Christmas and Easter. I have always made a bigger deal out of birthdays for nieces and nephews. I think you two deserve the top young parents award of the century and I could go on and on and on with a list of reasons why. (I think your Moms know you love them every day!) Hannah and Justus will know very soon how lucky they are.

JoniDH said...

So glad you have so many mothers in your life - can't wait to read about 6 of them!

Just wait until your kids are in school - they will keep you very informed about upcoming holidays.

For now enjoy the unique happiness and adventures of every day - each day is special and a gift.

And I knew every minute Sunday(and every other day) that I am loved - because we have 365 days a year we share that!

I Love You!