Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Any good ideas on giving left overs away?

I, in no exaggeration, have about 10 meals in my refrigerator that will go bad if I don't figure out who will eat them. Duh, I know we can but we can't even eat enough leftovers to take care of it.

Anyone who lives near me interested in a leftovers swap? Each family plans for 1 less meal than needed and then we switch leftovers for the other meal. That way we don't have to eat the same stuff all the time and we can try what other families have for their meals!!

Any Takers?
Any Other Ideas?

Help Me Please!


JoniDH said...

I suggest that you pack up those leftovers and have Chris take them to work and SELL them!

Melissa said...

you could always freeze them and that way if you don't feel like cooking one night you can pull it out of the freezer and you have dinner...just a thought!

Carrie said...

Any homeless or unemployed families nearby? We live near tons of them, but not very close to you. I'd give the leftovers away to families in need or a church/shelter who might take them, or invite neighbors in for a big meal and fellowship.

Grandmom said...

We found a way to have fun with our leftovers. Invite church friends over one night (or after church on Sunday evening) with the full explanation that the meal will be "refrigerator." Pull it all out of refrigerator and heat and enjoy. We use to do that with possibly adding a fresh tossed salad. If you don't have enough to have a full meal invite your friends to bring their "refrigerator" to add to yours. Lots of fun if everyone understands the 'program'.