Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's A Tradmark

Do you remember in the movie My Best Friend's Wedding where Julia Roberts (the best friend) and Cameron Diaz (the fiance) are in the elevator and they start talking about all the crazy things that the groom does? Like they mention his snoring and wearing tennis shoes to supper and the fiance mentions breaking him of the bad habit of smoking cigars in bed?

Well, the fiance says that he slurps his soup thru his front teeth and the best friend puts her finger up, stops the fiance from talking, and says something like "Don't Touch That One. It's a Trademark Move!"

For some reason when I was thinking of this post today. That is the scene that popped in my head! :-)

Anyway, we are starting to correct Hannah's speech (as I am typing this I am wondering if I have posted about it before - hummm - if I have please just pretend I haven't - it is obviously something on my mind) however, Chris and I have agreed on a few words we are just not going to correct yet. We like them too much. Here they are:

Polka Dots = "Coca Dots"
Yellow = "Lellow"
Garage Door Opener Button = "Bunts"
(no clue why other buttons are not that?)

My mom said that a couple of her favorites of mine were
Chicken = "Chicknen"
Refrigerador = "Agedator"

Do you have any of those words with your children?


Melissa said...

Landon says for the garage = garageway, but he calls the driveway, driveway.

He used to say that daddy works at the credit engine for credit union. He now has it correct when he says it and he even tries to make it like he is correcting himself, it is funny.

It is cute when they are trying to say certain things and it comes out all wrong and then for us to try to figure it out.

Kathy said...

Elijah has a harmonica and he calls it his "carmarker". There are some others but I can't think of them right now! Kids are so cute!