Friday, May 8, 2009

It's Hannah's Turn

To Show Off One Of Mommy's Childhood Outfits!

According to my mom, this is the second of 3 or 4 of these Annie outfits that I had. It was my favorite so she keep having to buy the next size up. Hannah looked so cute. Her Daddy even decided that he liked the outfit by the end of the night. :-) How Funny!


JoniDH said...

OH MY GOODNESS! It's like looking at my Mindy! Hannah, you look SO cute - love your Annie dress and your pigtails!

Grandmom said...

Are you sure this is Hannah and not an old picture of Mindy? How sweet! And it looks brand new!

Wendy said...

AWWWEEE!!!! It does look like Megaphone...I mean Mindy all over again....hehehehe!!!
And AW has to make her fashion comment!!!
Bravo and Kudos Hannah for going VINTAGE!!! I'm so proud of you!
I love you silly pigtailed girl!
Aunt Wendy

Julie said...

Megaphone?....that's so funny...what's the story?

Hannah looked SO adorable at church in your precious outfit Mindy! The pig tails are tops! I think Hannah really liked wearing this one!

Mindy said...

I used to talk so loud when I was little that my Aunt Wendy called me megaphone and the nickname even got shortened to Meg sometimes. Funny Thing - I answered to it (and probably loudly!)