Sunday, May 10, 2009

Our Sunday Pictures

Daddy had Sunday Picture Duty this morning. (Thank You, Thank You for giving me some time to actually fix my hair and put a little perfume on, Mr. Chris!!) It always cracks me up. Today I had 7 pictures to choose from. When I take Sunday Pictures..... well, let me just go back and count....
Last week I took 24 pictures.
The week before I took 36 pictures.
The week before that I took 27 pictures.
You see the pattern.
It makes me laugh. ...... Mainly at myself!


Betty said...

Happy Mother's Day to the BIG picutre taker! Love the Sunday pictures, as always. Can't go wrong with such two picture perfect children!

JoniDH said...

Good job, Chirs. Happy Mother's Day, Mindy (ooh - fixed hair AND perfume)! Love the drool drop on Justus' chin! Hannah, Nannah LOVES red and you look very good in red! Love You ALL!!!

Wendy said...

I love them!!! It's fun to get Chris's take on photography!!!
Love you!

Grandmom said...

Love the pictures! The drool is precious...and the joy on Hannah's face! No words to describe the beauty of it all.