Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hannah Hannah Hannah


Today Hannah was wearing a shirt with butterflies on it. It was the first time she had worn it.
Today I worn a solid colored pair of pants and a solid colored shirt.

We were standing waiting for something. I was holding Justus.

Mommy: (smiling) Hannah, I like your butterflies.
(Hannah smiles big, is silent, looks me up and down.)
Hannah: Mommy, I like your......
(Hannah, again, looks me up and down.)
Hannah: ......... I like your Justus.


Hannah: I don't know who Jesus is.
Mommy: What, Baby Girl?
Hannah: I don't know who Jesus is.
Mommy: Jesus is God's son. You know about Jesus.
Hannah: God's Son?
Mommy: Yes, and God made you, and Jesus was there when God made everything.
Hannah: Why did God make us?


Daddy: God made us to serve Him!
Hannah: Oh.


((I think we might get more questions on that one - we may need to be a little more prepared.))


JoniDH said...

At least she was trying to return the compliment and I think Justus is a pretty good adornment - That girl's a thinker!

Betty said...

Hannah, you are so smart! Maw Maw loves your butterflies on your shirt Hannah. She also loves Hannah and Justus so much!