Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Part 1

This was a fun Christmas. Here are a few of our memories.

Hannah loved looking under the tree to decide what gift she was going to get next and deliver. She made me laugh every time.

Hannah was very sweet about showing Justus his gifts - up close! And some of her gift too. She even sat right down and read to him out of his new Bible right away!

Funny Story. Hannah got two coats. The perfect combination. One is more of a heavier coat and the other is more of a jacket and would be great in the rain. Anyway, she LOVED them both. As soon as she opened up the first one she put it on and would not take it off.... until, that is, she got the second coat and then she put that one on and would not take it off. SO, most of the pictures of her opening presents - she is wearing a coat! That is so funny.

Hannah got the hang of showing off the clothes she got real quick. It was cute! OH, and she liked to show Justus' clothes off too.

Justus had fun showing his own clothes off too. OH, but Daddy showed off one of the outfits that Justus got!

We all had lots of fun and were so happy to be together! It was a fun day full of smiles.


Wendy said...

yayayayayayay!!! i'm so glad to finally see Doughtie Christmas Pictures 2008....
Looks like so much fun!

Aunt Wendy and Mollie

JoniDH said...

The anxious, painful wait for pictures was worth it! Looks like SO much fun! When you were that age we took pictures, tried to remember to take them to be developed, ordered a second set of prints, spent much time "sorting" out who got what picture, put them in an envelope, tried to remember to put them in the mail - and viola' grandparents and other family got to see the Christmas pictures sometimes by Valentine's Day! I am SO thankful for a much quicker process and thanks for taking the time to share! Merry Christmas, Doughtie Family! Nannah and Papa Joe miss you and love you all very much!

Betty said...

Wonderful Christmas pictures. Love Hannah under the tree and the excitement she had with the gifts and sharing with Justus and he looks so cute in his Christmas duds. So glad Santa had "left the building". Hannah seems to really like coats.....

JoniDH said...

Mindy, did you teach Hannah the under the tree techniques?