Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Book

Christmas Homecoming was great. Yet another good feeling Love Inspired book. This is actually the last is a "series" of 6. Story of my life: I read a book and love it and then realize it is in a series. I have GOT to do a better job at looking at that before I read a book. Series might not really be the right word. It is about a family that has 6 children and there is a book about each of the children, and this is the last book.

All of the books are in this order:
#1 Heather's Story - Butterfly Summer
#2 Chris' Story - By Her Side
#3 Amy's Story - The Family Man
#4 Tim's Story - The Hamilton Heir
#5 Melissa's Story - Prodigal Daughter
#6 Jeremy's Story - Christmas Homecoming

The next book that I am reading, I think, I got for Christmas last year. I am reading The Marriage Game by Fern Michaels. I have just started it and it is already interesting. I think I am going to count this as #1 for 2009 since most of it will be read in 2009. I hope to read 24 books this year (an average of 2 a month). We will see how it goes.

As always I will let you know how this one is.

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