Monday, December 22, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Well, I did bad this week. My grocery bill was $89.08. Luckily I had a $50 Kroger gift card that we had gotten for Christmas and so our out of pocket was only $39.08. Thank Goodness.

I am not sure what happened this week. Maybe wanting to have some nice meals for Christmas? Maybe knowing we are going to have a couple of guests in the house for a couple of days? Maybe wanting to try too many new recipes in one week? Maybe wanting to take advantage of a few coupons before they expire at the end of the year? Whatever the excuse, I went over - bottom line.

SO, a plan of action for this..... I put a couple of the new recipes I wanted to try this week aside and will push them until next week AND I am doing a couple of meals this week from stuff we already had. Hopefully next week the bill will be LOTS less! We will see.

((On a positive note about my grocery bill, with my coupons and Kroger Plus card I saved $63.57 - My bagger was very impressed by the final amount I had to pay!!))

SO, on to the menu:

Monday: 4 Can Black Bean Chili, Chips & Dip

Tuesday: Spaghetti and Garlic Bread
(We have some wonderful friends who watched the kids Saturday night so that Chris and I could go on a date. SO, we didn't have the Spaghetti planned for Saturday of last week.)

Wednesday: Gilled Italian Chicken, Ranch Potatoes, Lima Beans

Thursday: Ham, Green Beans, Macaroni and Cheese

Friday: Supper at a friend's house. We just get to take brownies, ice cream, and some drinks.

Saturday: BBQ Meatloaf, Lima Beans, Cream Cheese Corn

Sunday: Sandwiches and left overs

I will keep you up dated. Hopefully next week will be better.
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