Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Saving Money

So, a couple of little things that I do that don't save tons but they work for our family.

French Onion soup is expensive AND there is no off brand for it at my Kroger. The Chicken and Rice dish that I often make has French Onion soup in it. Well, if you look at the ingredients, the first one is beef broth and the second one is onion. I almost always have a partial onion around since I buy one and then don't really need the whole thing and Beef Broth is on sale very very often for 2 for $1 (and the cans are bigger). SO, I just add some beef broth and chopped onion instead and it works great. Can't tell a difference.

For Garlic Bread on spaghetti night, I just take some sandwich bread, spread some butter on it, sprinkle it with garlic powder, and toast it. Yummmmmm!

These may seem very obvious and small to you - but they are big light-bulb-in-your-head ideas to me!

NOW, on to how I found out what I can NOT save money on .....

Remember how I made some dishwasher detergent and said it worked great. Well, I thought it worked great. Our dishwasher is now leaking and Chris called a bunch of places looking for a new seal. Guess what most of the guys told him - that we must have changed soap - that a two year old dishwasher would not have a worn out seal - and that the only soap that is practically guaranteed not to make the dishwasher leak is the green Cascade! What?? Is this crazy to anyone else? ((By the way, we used green Cascade last night (paid over $4 for a box of it) and the dishwasher still leaked?!!))


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Libby said...

I didn't know that about dishwasher detergent. That's crazy! I get electrasol or cascade, whichever is cheaper. You can get either at sams, I think. Maybe buying in bulk is a little better.