Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Menu Plan

I told you I would be doing this again.

As most of you know, I have quit my job and am now staying home with my children. A pretty scary step. (I am sure you will hear more of my at home adventures in the future.) This really means that we are very very tight on the money right now so what I have been doing is going thru my kitchen and looking for recipes that I can fix with what I have so that I don't have to buy as much. Our Budget is $60 a week on groceries (diapers and formula NOT included). I will go grocery shopping tonight. Here is what I am buying for.

Monday: Frozen Pizza
Tuesday: Chili
Wednesday: Tuna Helper
Thursday: Hamburger Helper
Friday: Chicken and Rice
Saturday: Fiesta Chicken
Sunday: Hodge-Podge/leftovers before worship

I will let you know how the shopping goes!
Well, just got back from Kroger..... The grocery bill this week was $60.36!! I should have put back one of the 50 cent can of veggies and I would not have gone over!! Oh well, pretty close!

To see more menu plans go to Org Junkie and check it out.


Mindy said...

WHAT? No turkey????

JoniDH said...

I have no idea how I left a comment with your name????????????????? Guess I'm the turkey!

Mindy said...

That was my fault. When I signed in last at your house - I forgot to sign out - It was Sunday morning as we were trying to get everyone and everything ready to go go go! I am the turkey!

And NO - NO NO NO Turkey this week!

Carrie Mc said...


Congrats on being able to stay home with the kids! I look forward to the day I can quit and stay home with Abbey. You did great with the shopping too.