Saturday, December 13, 2008

New Book

Well, Good In Bed by Jennifer Weiner was inter- esting. It ended up being a good book. I really do like Jennifer Weiner's writing. I must warn everyone though - - - - this definitely is full of - - - - it has a lot of - - - - I am just not sure this book would be for everyone.

It has lots of colorful language, speaks of pro-choice, involves a homosexual couple, and does live up to it's name and talk about sex quite a bit. Now, the core story of a "Larger Woman" and her thoughts and feelings is good. There is a great lesson learned from her. If you choose to read this just remember you have to look over a lot of other "things" to get to this wonderful core story and message.

I did receive, as I asked for, the sequel to this book for Christmas (yes we have already opened some Christmas presents). I will read it. I would like to see what happens next but I am happy that I know a little bit of what I might see in this book before going in. However, I am not going to read this one right away.

Next, I am going to read a book that my Grandmom let me borrow called Christmas Jars by Jason Wright. Grandmom let me borrow it so that I could read it during the Christmas season. I have never read a book by him and I am looking forward to it very very much.

As Always - I Will Let You Know!

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