Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Menu Plan

Just got back from the Grocery Store.
Final Bill - - - $41.39!! Yippeeeee! Way below the $60 budget.

Monday: Beef Veggie Soup - Mexican Corn Bread
Tuesday: Grilled Cheese - Ramen Noodles
Wednesday: Chicken and Rice - Green Beans
Thursday: Hamburger Helper - Lima Beans
Friday: Saucy Parmesan Chicken - Corn - Zucchini
Saturday: Pound Pound Bottle
Sunday: Sandwiches and Leftovers

For More Menus Check Out Org Junkie!

I am not a big Name Brand person with most things. However, with this new budget we have going on there are a few Name Brands that I am living without AND there are a few Name Brands that I have so far gotten to keep. ((Isn't this pathetic that I am even discussing this - oh well!))

I am giving up:
Lever 2000 (just the brand - I am not giving up soap!)
Charmin (too many good coupons for other brands)
Coke (weird reason I was only wanting the brand Coke anyway)

I am not having to give up, yet:
Cheerios (I may just stop eating them if I have to buy the store brand)
Aveda (thanks to a birthday present every year)
Velveeta (the store brand really doesn't melt as well)

Any Name Brands that you would not want to give up??


JoniDH said...

Here's my "nothing but the name brand" list:

Hellmann's Mayo

Charmin (didn't use to be that way BUT I have a daughter and husband that made me this way!! Sure, just leave me in my addiction!)

Folger's Coffee (I have switched from Maxwell House to Folgers over the years but store brand coffee just doesn't do it)

Heinz Ketchup - I really don't care on this one but I would be divorced if I came home with another brand!

That's all I can think of - anything else I think I can go store brand.......

Kathy said...

Brent has to have White House apple juice. He also is like you and prefers name brand cereals. If I buy generic, he will not eat them. I really don't want to give up name brand washing detergent.

Libby said...

I totally agree with you about cheerios and velveeta. I've switched from several name brands lately, but there are a few I'm hanging on to as well.
tyson chicken (crazy, i know)
coffee creamer (my latest addiction)
old el paso spanish rice (this is one of the few things i buy regardless of whether it's on sale)

So, after thinking about this, there are more than I thought. Maybe I should work on that!

Wendy said...

Cheerios for sure. I've tried off brands and they are NOT even close!!!
Campbells soups.

Aunt Wendy and Mollie