Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Pictures

Hannah is wearing yet another dress that my wonderful friend Julie gave to me. I just LOVE it. Hannah looks good in red and for the Christmas season it is a great one.

Pretend you don't see any snot in any of these pictures, please!

We had some guests for our Sunday pictures. Can anyone guess who Aunt Wendy and Justus are looking at in their picture?

Please give all the compliments and credit of the family picture to my beautiful and wonderful Aunt Wendy!!


Wendy said...

well, i think there may be a missing picture or two.

AW and Mollie

Mindy said...

You looked at this while I was editing it. Crazy!!! Everything should be up now!

JoniDH said...

Well, I'd guess AW and Hannah are looking at that cute Chris guy....Love it when there's a whole family picture! Hannah, I love your pose with those crossed ankles on AW's lap! Oh, and, AW, way to go with the boots!

Wendy said...

Love the pictures!!!

The photographer is awesome!!

AW and Mollie

JoniDH said...

And Mr. "bright eyes" Justus - Nannah loves you!

Betty said...

Always look forward to and love the Sunday pictures and especially when you can get a family photo - thanks Aunt Wendy! Great pictures.
Love to all.