Sunday, December 21, 2008

Labor of Love

My good friend Jonathan (known to my children as Uncle JMelt) introduced me to this song last year around this time. And this Christmas season, I have heard it again - more. It has changed me.

As a mother and a woman who has carried a child and given birth to a child, I am so surprised it has never really hit me before. The words "It Was Not a Silent Night" just get me. Mary was in labor and gave birth to a baby and all that comes with giving birth in a stable!!

She was human, like me and you. Imagine her faith and her love for the Lord and the trust that she and Joseph had.

I know that the words to this song are not in the Bible exactly like this but this song, to me, ...this song helps to show the humanity of it all. The Bible is not just about stories and it is not about things that happened so far removed from who we are. It is NOT fictional. The Bible is a written account of what really happened to people. People like you and me. Men and Women like us.

It Was Not A Silent Night.

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Betty said...

A beautiful song - I've never heard it before - and yes, makes us think about how tough it was for Mary..and she was a Mother like so many of us after her...