Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy AND Sad

Is that possible?

Ever have that friend, that someone special, that you were happy for but the happiness meant they would not be near you anymore and so.. it meant you were sad too?

I have that friend. Kelli. I already miss them all. The just left Friday to move to California! So Far!

Kelli has been such a wonderful blessing in our lives. Kelli (and Mr Brian - Hannah will quickly tell you) is very special to Hannah in particular. Kelli got to take care of my little wild and crazy Hannah for about 3 months and there is such a bond that is so so sweet.

This is a picture of Hannah telling Ms. Kelli bye bye. It was so sweet. We were about to leave (we had all said bye to the family) but then Hannah said she didn't say bye to Ms Kelli so she HAD to go say bye again! It was weird but I really think Hannah understood in some strange way what was going on.

We Love You Fergusons!
We Miss You but are Glad You are Back Close To Your Family!
We Can't Wait to Come and Visit You!
(and we can not wait for another visit from you - here!)


JoniDH said...

Very sweet!

Betty said...

Hannah is very attentive to what Kelli is telling her - I know ya'll will miss them so much.