Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bye Bye Cradle

Tonight when we got home, Hannah was asleep and since she did not sleep very much today at school we wanted to keep her asleep but didn't want to take her upstairs and put her in her bed because she did not need to be asleep for too long. (Was that a run on sentence?) Anyway, we have kept the cradle downstairs ever since she was born so that she would have somewhere to be if we needed to set her down. Tonight things were very clear that we will not be using this cradle much any more. It is very sad sometimes. She is growing up so quickly.

The blessing is that this was my cradle when I was a baby and hopefully all our children and our children's children will get to use it in the future.

In the picture on the left Hannah was 5 days old.
In the picture on the right, from today, Hannah is 10 months old.


JoniDH said...

WOW! And look at all that hair! She is a sleeping beauty!

tadakids said...

I love this picture. I told Dan we were going to still this idea!!

Grandmom said...

How she has grown! You're right...no more room. She is so beautiful! Grandmom