Thursday, April 19, 2007


I watch reality TV where they go into a person's home and life and follow them around with cameras. I like reality TV. I don't think anything of watching it.

Weird thing is, I have been watching some of the Mary Winkler trial and I feel nosy. Is that weird? Why should I feel nosy about this? This was an interesting case. I don't know how I feel about it. I am not sure that it matters how I feel about it. I think Chris has much stronger opinions on it than I do. He watched more of the trial and he definitely didn't feel bad about watching it. I can't imagine their family's heart. I can't imagine those children. For the rest of their lives, those children will be able to google their father's name and come up with terrible terrible things. For some reason, I keep wondering if she has handled this, from what I can see, as a Christian. I do understand I am not the judge and it doesn't matter what I "think" about this. I suppose, since we will never really know what happened on that day when Mary's husband didn't get a chance to get out of bed, that only God will know. I am thankful that I don't have to judge the hearts of others. I am thankful that I don't have to serve "just" punishments on those that "deserve" it.

Lord, please be with Mary Winkler's 3 daughters. Please take care of them, give them wisdom, and help them to have strength. Be with Mary Winkler as she lives with herself, and goes about in the community. Help her to know you and to fix her eyes on you and to love you. Lord, please be with Matthew Winkler's family as they are still facing and morning the loss of their loved one. Please help them to forgive Mary. Give them the strength to love her and forgive her and help her. Thank you for all you have given us. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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4mcknatt's said...

I agree with you. Len and I watched the trial also. I felt very uncomfortable hearing about the things that involved intimacy. I like you am mixed on how I feel about what she did. It is wrong to murder no matter what, I do however think there may have been another side to Matthew. He might have been abusive. That still isn't justification for shooting him in the back. Wow, can you imagine how hard it was for his (and her's) family to have to hear about that side of their son. Len felt like she should never get out of jail.