Saturday, April 21, 2007

Growing and Sharing

I am very thankful for growth. I think I have said that before. Oh well, I suppose you can't be too thankful. Hannah has started doing two new things very well the last couple of weeks. Standing up on her own and blowing bubbles. The blowing bubbles thing is getting a little old and, as you can see, a little messy. However, it is hard to look at her seriously and say in a very stern and authoritative voice "NO MAM" so she will stop, when you are laughing at it. Chris and I have to work on that one.

I am also very thankful for sharing. Chris and I have embraced Hand-Me-Downs and we love it. We can't say thank you enough to those who give us their Hand-Me-Downs. They are wonderful. This outfit she wore today is from someone and I just couldn't get over it. I thought it was so cute! There is a lot to be thankful for!

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JoniDH said...

Oh my goodness, I opened your blog and I thought you were going to say Hannah's walking! She just looks like she's ready to take off. I love the bubbles pictures - you will be amazed at the skillful things she will learn to do and her friends at school will help her learn some too!