Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Good Mail

Today we went and got the mail, just like every other day, right when we got home from work. Today, however, there were 4 pieces of good mail. That is unbelievable! This is rare. I hope you understand what I mean by good mail. I mean something personal from someone you know! There were 4 greeting cards. I was so excited and was explaining to Hannah what good mail was when I started looking closer at the cards. The first one is addressed to Hannah. The second one is addressed to Hannah. The third one is addressed to Hannah. The fourth one is addressed to Chris, Mindy, and Hannah. I then realized she knew exactly what good mail was.. because it was ALL for HER!

These are a few pictures of her when she opened the last card to find a Happy Easter card with some "piggy food" in it. You know.. something for her Piggy Bank!

(( By the way, until further notice, never look at the background of any picture I put up. You may then see how messy my house really is. Please ONLY look at the subject of the PICTURE! ))

1 comment:

Wendy said...

"piggy food" always puts a smile on a girls face!!!