Sunday, April 22, 2007

Gaucho Pants

I have a friend, Laura, who looks so good and Gaucho Pants. When I told her so she said that they were the most wonderful pants. She said that they are comfortable and wonderful. Well, Kohl's was having a sale so I decided to try some. Oh My Goodness, I wore them today and they were wonderful. They are VERY comfortable and have the look for a skirt/dress but the comfort of having pants on. I may have to get some more. (( For anyone who wants some and wears a petite there are some petite sizes on sale at Kohl's buy one get one free!!! ))


4mcknatt's said...

Aren't they great! I'm not sure that they are very flattering on me, but who cares when they are so comfy! Haley

JoniDH said...

Well, just as you've seen before, this is a fashion recycle - gouchos were popular when I was younger. They are comfortable. I couldn't really wear them because they "fattered" my figure : )

Go for it and Enjoy, girls!!

lolly said...

Aren't they awesome. I like them so much I have 6 pair. They make your "bottom" look good. At least they make mine look better. I am so glad you got a pair and like them.