Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter

Today was Easter and of course, we were hoping Hannah could wear some white sandals and a springy sleeveless dress. Unfortunately, here, it was the coldest Easter in history! Unbelievable. So, we improvised. We found a jumper type wrap around dress in Hannah's closet that has spring like things on it. Butterflies and Flowers. Then we put a long sleeve onesie under it and some light pink tights and called it Hannah's Easter Dress. It ended up being perfect. Thank you, Aunt Melissa for picking out and giving us our Easter Dress! (Even though that might not have been what you were thinking when you bought it.)

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JoniDH said...

She poses so cute - I love the head to the side and the hands in the lap - what a ham!! She is precious. Chris - you're a cutie, too : )