Saturday, April 7, 2007

No Baby Food

Today was the first day that we went all day without giving Hannah any baby food. It was so fun. At breakfast when she normally has her oatmeal cereal made with her milk she had dry Cheerios (or Cheeris as I call them now, thanks to Chloe). For lunch when she normally has a jar of #2 baby food veggies, she had frozen peas and carrots that had been cooked. For snack when she normally has a jar of #2 baby food fruit she had some cut up bananas. For supper when she normally has half a jar of #2 baby food veggie and half a jar of #2 baby food fruit she had some macaroni and cheese and green beans. Chris and I had the same thing for supper but with some pork. It was really fun and I think Hannah really likes having the food in front of her to pick up and eat herself. It is, of course, also much easier for us.

If you know me you know I really like mac and cheese and so since tonight was the first night Hannah had ever had mac and cheese I had to take pictures. Oh, and Hannah also knows how to drink out of a straw so she had some watered down apple juice with her supper tonight. I think she loved it.


JoniDH said...

What a big girl! Does she seem as satisfied with the table food as her baby food? I can't hardly believe all her recent changes.

Sara Jo said...

Matt says, "Maccaroni & Cheese, imagine that!". Cole says, "Bean Beans!!! Hannah, Hannah, Hannah!!!" I say, "Yeah for you. Table food is so much fun!" Savannah doesn't say anything.

JoniDH said...

Have you noticed she uses her left hand a lot? Daddy and I noticed it in a few pictures. Of course, Daddy is hoping she is left handed!