Friday, April 6, 2007

Favorite Friday

Today the Favorite Friday topic is "What is your favorite Easter memory?" When I was growing up I remember decorating for every holiday. I thought it was so neat. It may not have actually been as much decorations as I thought it was but I remember the whole house having a theme with, it seems, almost every holiday. I thought it was so fun that we could get out the holiday box with that particular holiday's decorations in it and find places all over the house to put it all. The fun thing about Easter is that we got to decorate outside! We always had an Easter Egg Tree outside. I thought it was so neat. My dad went thru the old pictures today for me and scanned and emailed some to me. They are not the best quality but here are some pictures of our Easter Egg tree one year. I need to start those sorts of traditions with my family soon. We need to decorate for holidays. It is really fun to do that as a family. It is a time that everyone can be together.


Sara Jo said...

I love your pictures! Family traditions are so awesome! I don't think I remember your dad having so much hair!!

Wendy said...

I love the Easter dress!! I also noticed Joe had hair.

JoniDH said...

I love the Easter dress, too. And the tights! Sorry Joe's hair seems to have stolen the show in these old pics : )