Sunday, April 29, 2007

Interesting Info

#1: It is official. Hannah's left top front tooth has broken thru and so we are up to 3 teeth now.

#2: Hannah's hair seems a bit uncontrollable. However, we have learned that a hairbow can do a little good and help the cause. For example, please observe these before and after pictures from today. I just can't get enough of her crazy hair.

#3: My daughter can wear this lime, bright, neon, whatever green color that I can not. I am a little jealous. In the future she may not be able to, so we are taking advantage of it now! Yippee!


4mcknatt's said...

She is absolutely adorable. Haley

JoniDH said...

Yeah, Hannah! Three teeth - let's see now - what can you eat with 3 teeth? A chicken leg???? Hannah appears to be quite giddy about her new tooth. Chris, since I see you in the picture, hope that means you are feeling better. Can't wait to see all of you. Love you all! Mom/Nannah

Libby said...

Brady lost his tooth yesterday. He pulled it during church last night! I think it's pretty funny that every time Hannah gets a tooth, he loses one. Wonder how long that will continue? Hannah does look cute in that dress, but then again, when doesn't she look cute?!!

Grandmom said...

Ohhh...she's beautiful in lime green too! I use to wear that color but haven't been able to in a long time. Young can wear any color! She's so sweet! I love you all!

Wendy said...

YIPPEEEE!!! She is the coolest baby in the entire world!! Love the hair, teeth, smiles, lime green clothes, etc.
Aunt wendy